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The Amateur Creed was composed in 1928 by Paul M. Segal - then 9EEA in Denver,  and General Counsel of the ARRL.   The creed has been updated a few times over the intervening years, to update the text and put it into contemporary terms.   The Amateur's Creed appears in a number of ARRL publications such as the Handbook, and is just as valid today as it has been for nearly 70 years.

The Amateur's Creed

ball.gif (1653 bytes)     Considerate...never knowingly uses the air in such a way to lesson the pleasure of others.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)    Loyal...offers loyalty, encouragement and support to their fellow radio amateurs, their local radio club, and to the American Radio Relay League, through which Amateur Radio is represented.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)    Progressive...with knowledge abreast of science. It is well-built and efficient. Operating practice is above reproach.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)    Friendly...slow and patient sending when requested, friendly advice and counsel to the beginner, kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are marks of the amateur spirit.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)    Balanced...radio is their hobby. They never allow it to interfere with  any of the duties they owe to their home, job, church, school, or community.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)    Patriotic...their knowledge and their station are always ready for the service of his country and their community.

Please if you value this hobby / service at all, operate above all reproach.  Do not cuss, quarrel, fight, jam, or cause interferrance.  Others outside this hobby can listen to every word you say.  This will give others opinions that could effect amateur radio.  The negitve opinions could lead to loss of hams or even the loss of the whole service.  So please try to live up  to the amateur radio creed.