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This is about APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System).  Commonly used to report ones own position.

A.P.R.S. or Automatic Packet Reporting System
     APRS has been around for a while.  It uses unnumbered frames or packets of information.  One common use is the tracking of positions.  Stations would send out there information such as postion, weather conditions, heading, speed, and messages.  For example I would hook up a GPS to a TNC of Radio Modem, and then to radio.  The GPS would receive my current position, and send the information to the Radio Modem.  The Radio Moodem would assemble a message in a packet, containing my callsign, message, and GPS information, and transmit it through the Radio.  Other stations can receive these packets directly or a Internet Gate Station will receive the local packets, and send to to the APRS server on the internet.  There are internet sites for these packets, and also there are computer programs.   APRS is used for weather spotting since you can use weather radar overlays on the maps , along with spotter locations on the maps.  APRS is used at public events to track the whereabouts of stations, ect.  Also APRS is used to send your position to the public, so friends / family can track you on a long trip to make sure you are safe, or they have an idea how close you are, or made it home safe.  APRS is a lot of fun, and this is why it is so popular.  The national frequency is currently 144.390Mhz.  You use packet at 1200bauds.  I STRONGLY recommend that you join a APRS yahoo groups.  Here you can get a lot of help for setup, debugging, and current correct settings.  This will greatly enhance your pleasure in using APRS.


Kenwood D710A
A APRS ready radio with everything you need built in except the GPS.  The AvMap G5T was designed for use with this radio, and offers built-in tools other systems can only do with use of a computer.





Xastir (Linux)


Bob Bruniga's (APRS founder) Site


Icom IC-92 AD  (picture on the right)
     This HT supports both D-Star and APRS abilities.  And you can order a hand-mic that has a built-in GPS.  How cool is that?!!  You do not need a big bulky station anymore to do APRS, plus it has the added ability to do D-Star, which is getting more popular all the time.  With D-Star, you can have digital voice, or share pictures, files, text and more.  Sort of like long distance WiFi done Ham Style.

Big Red Bee

Wiscsn. Val. R.A.(APRS)

Tiny Tracker


Here is a Tiny Tracker, and all you have to do is ad a GPS  and a radio and you have APRS.

Picture Of UI-View (screenshot)


This screen shot is showing a course / heading / speeb of this truck on the road.  Also you might be able to makeout some blue circles.  These are weather stations.  By clicking on these, you can get current weather conditions.  There are symbols for vehicles, homes, weather stations, runners, boats, homes, I-Gates and others.  One note:  Website based, do not usually automaticaly update them selves.  This is manually done by clicking the refresh botton.



The Big Red Bee has radio, TNC, and GPS all built in to one small package.