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This page is about Fox Hunting.  Looking for hidden transmitters (Fox) can be a lot of fun.

     Fox Hunting is a sport in which you look for a hidden transmitter.  The hidden transmitter is also called the Fox.  The Fox is usually a low powered transmitter.  It commonly sends a signal at a predetermined strength, ID, message, and timing.  The transmition usually is in morse code, or recorded voice.  As for hunting, one eitiher uses a directional antenna, or a system that helps with determining direction.  Such as attenuation, or doppler shift detection.  The easyest way is to use a map, find 3 locations to get a bearing (prefferably 3 high points).  While at each location, find the point of the weakest signal, turn 180 degrees, and mark that bearing on the map.  Do this at all three or more locations, and wear the lines all intersect, is a great point to go.  At this point you will be very close to the fox.  At this point experiance helpd with actually getting you to the fox.  Strong observation on the signal characteristics will give you the needed clues to find the fox first.  For more advanced hiding techniques one might bounce the signal off a metal building, or close to water, or have a spinning directional antenna.  The experiance gained by these activetys will help in finding real targets of illeagal users, or other forms of interference.  Also there are hox hunting contests out there just for fun, and sport.  It can be pretty challenging, and this is why it is also very popular.

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