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Looking backward...

History of Ham Radio

     The history of Ham Radio cannot point to one specific time to say; "On this date..."  Instead there was many events of time that lead to "wireless."  Starting with some Ben Franklin like experiments, shortly after his time. ( 2 hills, 2 kites, 2 linden jars, a action on one hill caused a reaction on the other.)  Then of cousre was telegraph, and Morse Code.  Also Alexander Graham Bell, and his Telephone.

     Later there was some wireless experiments, and more refinements.  Then this guy named Fessenden's on Christmass Eve in 1906 sent a voice transmission.  Of course Marconi sent the letter "S" in Morse Code, across the Atlantic Ocean.  This was enough to get many people to try "Wireless."  So many Hams concider Dec. 24, 1906 as Ham Radio's Birth Date.  So This date in 2006 would by many be concidered our 100th Anniversary.

Why Is It Called "Ham Radio?"
     There are several stories as to why it ended up being called "Ham Radio."  The one I am familliar with is that many years ago a "Ham" was slang for an amateur or a poor actor.  With the early days of "Wireless"  our radios were primitive, used sparks to generate radio waves, and used the whole spectrum.  So who ever had the most powerful stations could be heard.  It was not uncommon for commercial telegraphers to be sending a message just to have someone with more power to "Wipe-Out" the sending station.  The Receiving Commercial Station would then Reply, "Those F@*%#ing  H A M S are Jamming you!"  And in True " Yankee Doodle" Style we have worn that term with pride.  In todays day-in-age  The term "Amateur" has a negative stigmatism, but "Ham" does not; even though it means the same thing.  We may be amateurs in the fact that we do this without financial gain, but we are experts in communications.

My Background

I Became a Ham in April of 2003, as a Tecnician Class. I Later took the General test in '04, and in '05 I was Extra.  I enjoy 2 Meter repeater, and PSK31 on 20/40 Meters.  I'm a local weather spotter, Elmer, and club member.  My beautiful wife is also a ham as KC9EWJ.  We enjoy providing communications for different events, and have a blast with Field Day.


An example of a contact confirmation card (QSL Card) that I might sent to another Ham.

Early Communications

Origin of Ham Speak

Ham Radio History (ARRL)


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