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There is no formal dresscode, However there is a implied dresscode for the Hams who work with first responders (Police, EMT, Firemen, ECT).  We are ambassadors to the hobby, so look the part.  They want first class help who dress with professionalism.

Bussiness Casual
     When dealing with the public we should dress at least bussiness casual.  This is a Polo or Golf shirt, with Kakhis or comfortable dress pants.  Please avoid a bunch of name tags or the hat with callsign.  The public, police, first responders, and other agencies have a hard time taking us seriously when we do not look serious.  How we dress will influence the attitude of others, and what they think of us.   This can determin whether we will continue to be part of the "Emergancy Plan" or not.  Remember, they DON'T have to use us, but it would be nice if they did.  It has been how we have justified have the spectrum we have.
Personal Hygene
     I can't believe that I'm bringing this up, but after what I have seen at the Dayton Hamvention, and other events; I feel it must be brought up.  When dealing with the public, police, first responders, and other agencies; please take care of your personal hygene.  Please shower, shave, comb hair, apply deoderant, and wear clean matching clothing.  This is at a minimum.  For these groups to take you seriously, you must look, and smell the part.  It dosn't matter how smart you are if you smell bad, and don't look professional.  These groups are professionals, and they demand dealing with people who look it.
     In the public, please loose the "Geek Gear."  This would be the pocket protector, tower on hard hat, helmet cam, hat antenna clip,  walking with several "HT's" and the like.  This only serves to hurt us in the long run.  People see this, and think to themselves, that being a "Ham Radio Operator" is the LAST thing they want to be.  The GEEK GEAR, only serves to harm our great hobby.  We should not look like "Revenge of the Nerds."   In stead keep up personal hygene, wear clothing that is not outdated (and matches), and minimize the gear on your person.  To the public, and professionals, the geek gear is a demonstration of poor choices.  This concerns them, because they cannot afford to have volunteers working for them, who make poor decisions, since lives could be at stake.
     Lastly, the "Geek Mobile," does not help our great hobby.  Seing a couple of modest to small, well placed antennas, is not a problem.  However a vehicle with a lot of large antennas, is ugly to most, and does not help our hobby.  It is only serves to turn people away.  The highway porqupine is only an eye sore, and a wound to our image and heritage.  Please do not do anything tarnish our image.  If you are not sure, ask a friend or relative who is not a ham.
The above was not written to hurt anybodys feelings.  It is only a guide to help improve the image of ham radio, so we all can enjoy this great hobby for many years to come.